A description of euthanasia in the online article by the international anti euthanasia task force

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A description of euthanasia in the online article by the international anti euthanasia task force

Respect for patients' wishes [13] Other sociodemographic factors: Those who are opposed to euthanasia often cite that vulnerable populations such as persons with disabilities are more at risk of untimely deaths because, "patients might be subjected to PAD without their genuine consent".

Also, prejudices against disabled people may be enacted with regards to end of life care. For example, do not resuscitate orders are more frequently issued for those who become hospitalized and previously suffer from severe disabilities.

Naturally, those individuals suffering from "burn out" are more likely to want to refuse treatment and end their fight for life prematurely. Even if a patient has selected a proxy they may, "be guilt ridden, wondering weather they acted to hastily or if there decision was inconsistent with the patient's desires" [20] In order to preempt some of the difficulties that are associated with end of life care many medical schools and nursing programs now stress the importance of early discussions with the patient about their wishes and planning for the future.

In fact, in a recent study of 58 physicians, 19 admitted that they did not feel comfortable discussing end of life care with their patients. The first of which simply involves participation in the informed consent process or, "engaging competent patients in comprehensive discussions of treatment options and likely outcomes.

The only function an 'Advance Directive' has therefore is to tell a practitioner that you would not wish your life to be prolonged under a given set of circumstances - since there are ZERO reliable predictive algorithms for recovery from ANY condition, the default mechanism remains a practitioners' decision regarding what is in your 'best interests' - they are supposed under GMC regulations to consult family members, but are under no obligation to carry out their demands for continuing active treatments, and can withhold everything but 'nursing care', prescribe opiates over the BNF safety limits and basically suffocate you in your sleep.

In the absence of being able to insist on treatments in an advance discussion or directive, UK practitioners are given carte blanche to exercise their own malign judgements regarding the 'quality of life' or worth of any patient in their 'care'.

China used to be Buddhist. Which also against euthanasia. By saying that " This current one sounds like a pro-Christian evangelical editor. Why not being non-Buddhist or non-Hindu? The fact that Christianity is a relatively new phenomenon in China is not important here; it would be like suggesting that being an evolutionist has no demographic bearing because Darwinism is a relatively recent phenomenon.

The article on euthanasia in Chinese Wikipedia zh: This should be better documented in the article. The article talks about "holy scriptures", offical organisations and religious leaders, but do not say a word about what buddhists, christians, muslims, agnostics, etc.

Other factors have been identified, particularly, age, gender, education level. Here also, references needed. Look at the graph on a ward in Los Angeles. People all of "low socioeconomic status" were presented a clinical scenarios of hopeless situations and were asked whether they would want starting life support and b clinical scenarios of terminal situations and asked whether they would agree stopping life support.

I wish good luck to politicians and legislators if they want to please everybody! The sample was very small. Nevertheless, the body of the articles state that the andalusian government PLANS to debate a law about euthanasia, which is not approved nor voted up to my knowledge. I could not find any reference to an approval of such law, hence the entry of Andalusia as a place where euthanasia under some conditions is legal is not supported by the given references, or any other, and should be removed.

The reference to this geographical area as a place where Euthanasia is legal under certain conditions should be removed. One pole of the debate holds that availability of euthanasia is a right for disabled people who find their situation intolerable, the opposite pole sees the availability of euthanasia as a major problem in a society where many people's view of disability is 'I'd rather be dead' and some at least see Aktion T4 as appropriate.

Arguably this creates a societal pressure pre-programming at least some people who become disabled to seek euthanasia, functioning as a stealthy form of eugenics.

That's a view I share, so I don't feel able to do NPOV, but I don't think the range of opinion is adequately reflected at the moment -- the only reference is buried under 'Euthanasia Protocol'. Not sure what he thinks I did wrong - new to this - but it seemed to me that just deleting the comments of newbies immediately is not the spirit of Wikipedia.

I actively solicited feedback and got none. How am I supposed to learn if instead of feedback I just get whacked???

A description of euthanasia in the online article by the international anti euthanasia task force

Please I am disabled and it was hard enough to post it in the first place, could you at least let me know how to fix it so I can do better next time? It seems widespread and less controversial than civilian euthanasia.

I came here curious for information about it but found nothing, when it probably deserves its own top-level section. Americans have responded with fierce resistance to even the perception of mandatory involuntary euthanasia.A Description of Euthanasia in the Online Article By the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force.

2, words. 5 pages. An Argument Against Assisted Suicide. words. 2 pages. An Overview of the Concept of Euthanasia as a Legal Practice in Medical Doctrine.

1, words. 3 pages. In honor of National Recovery Month, Oregon State Hospital patients and staff participated in Hands Across the Bridge, an event that "spreads hope and shows people recovery is possible."Check out our Addictions and Behavioral Health Services page for resources and help.

Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. Euthanasia, formerly know as “mercy killing,” means intentionally making someone die, rather than allowing them to die naturally. In an online article by the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force says that euthanasia means killing in the name of compassion.

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Suicide, homicide, physician-assisted suicide, violence (including domestic violence and gun violence), sudden death (from accidents and otherwise), dementia and other forms of lingering illness -- complex and difficult endings may bring complicated losses and complicated grief.

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