An analysis of the law of contact

The phenomenon was again noted in by the physicist Frank Benford[4] who tested it on data from 20 different domains and was credited for it. His data set included the surface areas of rivers, the sizes of US populations, physical constantsmolecular weightsentries from a mathematical handbook, numbers contained in an issue of Reader's Digestthe street addresses of the first persons listed in American Men of Science and death rates. The total number of observations used in the paper was 20, This discovery was later named after Benford making it an example of Stigler's Law.

An analysis of the law of contact

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The first of these only if you line them up this way is Francis Hospitality, Inc. That term eventually extended to 15 years. In about the 12th year of the tenancy, the landlord sold the property to Francis Hospitality, which became the new landlord by virtue of an assignment of the lease.

As soon as that sale closed, the landlord and tenant cut off payments to the broker.

An analysis of the law of contact

They executed an amendment to the lease, expressly removing the obligation to pay the broker. The broker sued, claiming breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, and statutory conspiracy.

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The landlord and tenant got a writ to review the awards for the second and third claims. Tortious-interference claims are available only against strangers to the contract, so this is a plain-vanilla breach of contract.

The court affirms the judgment on the breach-of-contract count. The timing was unfortunate: The loans closed injust at the time the economy was tanking.

The borrower threatened bankruptcy. Cooler heads intervened in this escalating situation, and the parties negotiated a workout agreement, giving the borrower time to raise money or liquidate property. The agreement obligated the borrower to make four payments on a set schedule.

On the second of these scheduled dates, the borrower offered a deed to the relevant property in lieu of foreclosure. It claimed that the bank had falsely stated that it had lowball appraisals that would diminish the value of bankruptcy protection, thus falsely leading the borrower to reach an agreement.

A circuit court judge sustained a demurrer and dismissed the case. Today the justices agree and affirm. The contract claim fails because its terms allowed the bank to do exactly what it did: The fraud claim fails because of the Murayama doctrine: Criminal law The issue in Botkin v.

The Code imposes a mandatory minimum two-year sentence for possession of a firearm by certain convicted felons.

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If a defendant is convicted in a single proceeding of two violations of this statute, may those two mandatory-minimum sentences run concurrently? A trial court in southwest Virginia thought so; it imposed five-year sentences for each charge, suspending three years, and specified that the sentences would run concurrently with each other.

An analysis of the law of contact

The Commonwealth appealed, and the Court of Appeals reversed, holding that the two sentences must be consecutive. The court finds that interpreting the statute to permit concurrent service would impermissibly rewrite the statute. Because a defendant is entitled to a new sentencing when the trial court imposes a legally impermissible sentence, the court directs that the trial court must now conduct a new sentencing hearing.

The patient sued the clinic, pleading vicarious-liability and direct-liability claims. But the court ruled that the patient alleged actions by the employees that were outside their employment duties.

On appeal, the Supreme Court reverses the dismissal of the vicarious-liability count, but affirms dismissal of the direct-liability claim. The latter is the simpler ruling: A company can be directly liable only for corporate action — something that the company itself, instead of its employees, commits or authorizes.

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There were no allegations along those lines here. The bigger question in this case is vicarious liability.LEGAL ANALYSIS AND TERMINOLOGY' ARTHUR L.

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The Sarbanes-Oxley Act The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of is mandatory.

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