An argument for the abolishment of african polygamy

You can help by adding to it. June Previous political action[ edit ] Official Photo of President Habib Bourguiba Taking the lead in Tunisia's modernization campaign, Habib Bourguiba in each of his speeches found occasion to criticize sexist attitudes, opposing the hijab and appealing to science on the issue of virginity at marriage. Tunisian women hearing his call unveiled and often asked him to settle disputes with their husbands.

An argument for the abolishment of african polygamy

An argument for the abolishment of african polygamy

Introduction As you may be aware, it is a daunting task to search for and find appropriate answers to difficult issues regarding cultural traditions. However, this has not been the case.


As such, absolute objectivity here is not possible, since it is beyond our limited capacity. All we have done through this research is to approach these sensitive subject matters with respect for those who are affected by the practice, and at the same time to understand the position of those who attached high premium to these traditional cultural practices.

According to a prominent African scholar, Professor Ali A. Mazrui, every human society, culture serves as the catalyst responsible for establishing the behaviors that regulate the action of those that live in a society. Mazrui, The African Condition. University of Cambridge,pp.

On the other hand, most anthropologists view human cultures in terms of cultural relativism, the concept that all cultures are orderly systems within which customs and institutions are rationalized in their own terms.

Thus, customs and behaviors that are considered sinful in one culture may be totally acceptable, even praised, in another. It is viewed as a functional and rational behavior, not only within the religious tradition of the sacred cow, but also in terms of the usefulness of the cow as a traction animal and as a source of dung for fertilizer and fuel.

Human cultures sometimes contain customs and values counter to human welfare. Merriam Webster Dictionary defined Tradition as any established customary pattern of thought or action — the handing down of beliefs and customs by word or mouth or by example without written instruction.

Other Subject Areas

Overtime when culture change, customs and values sometimes run counter to human welfare and tradition. The problem people of color encounters i.

Similar practice takes place when one engages in the discussion of polygamy polygyny: Polygynists are often accused of being the sole benefactor in such matrimonial arrangement. One such argument was made in an article: In her disagreement or anger if we may call it that, she went on to denigrate an entire cultural institution as well as men in general as the ONLY benefactors of polygynous relationship.

By proposing to legitimize polygamous marriage, Mr. In support of this line of reasoning, she went on to quote from the book, The Stillborn, by a Nigerian author name, Zaynab Akali. Also, she is un-substantiating in the proceeding statement: While this could be the case in Nigeria, Nigeria does not represent the entire continent of Africa.

The recent election of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as the first woman elected president in Africa says a lot regarding the respect that Liberian men have for Liberian women.

It is the other way around — among the assimilated Western-educated Liberian women.Study Midterm Multiple Choice flashcards from Rebecca B. on StudyBlue. influenced by their contact with Asian and African civilizations, which allowed autonomy made the argument that it was okay for them to work as nurses because it was an extension of their maternal role in the home.

Africans Become African Americans describes the blending of various African cultures into an African American culture. we see the cautious attempt to carve a place for the first African arrivals who were not slaves but who did not have the status of white indentured servants.

An argument for the abolishment of african polygamy

and of Indian people. [This post is a Beagle’s is part of a series on biblical slavery.]. Jesus was a great reformer. In an age of extreme class division and status-consciousness, he identified with the poor and urged us to do the same.

by Warren Johansson and William A. Percy Homosexuality in the Middle Ages long remained virtually unexplored. All that the pioneer investigators of the pre-Hitler period, Xavier Mayne [pseudonym of Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson], The Intersexes (), Magnus Hirschfeld, Die Homosexualität des Mannes und des Weibes (), and .

Marriage, a prominent institution regulating sex, reproduction, and family life, is a route into classical philosophical issues such as the good and the scope of individual choice, as well as itself raising distinctive philosophical questions.

Men were so favored at the expense of women, and women were so dependent on men that such evils as polygamy, child marriage, persecution of daughters-in-law, neglect of daughters were widespread.

There have been radical changes in the position of women.

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