Contoh soal essay explanation text

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Contoh soal essay explanation text

Yesterday Irfan went to Lampung. He wanted to visit his sister. On the ferry he met Mr.

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Lukman who used to be a captain of the ship. He used the chance to know more about a ship and its captain, here is their conversation. The captain is in command of the ship, and he is responsible for every one on board.

From the bridge they steer the ship, watch the sea. They also check instruments and chart. And how docs a ship leave the harbour? A boat called tug boat pulls the ship from the shore to the open sea. After that the captain orders: In the engine room the chief engineer and his men speed up the engines.

They make sure that the engine work right.

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And how to know information? There are radio men in the ship. They keep in touch with people on land by sending and receiving messages. There are also telephone operators.

They take care of telephone calls from cabin to cabin on the ship. The operators can connect calls from the ship to for away parts of the world. Who did Irfan talk with on the ferry? This is prove to be on: So we can answer C 2.

The deck officers do the following things, except …. They also check instruments and chart so we can answer D 3.Text 1 Many young people have difficulty deciding where they will live when the time comes to leave home and make their own way in the world.

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Contoh soal essay explanation text

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Contoh Text Analytical Exposition. Untuk lebih memahami analytical exposition, berikut beberapa teks yang saya ambil dari berbagai sumber.

Corruption and Indonesian Culture. Corruption has happened for many years and today it becomes a bad culture in Indonesia for three reasons.

Contoh soal essay explanation text
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