Disadvantages of village life

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Disadvantages of village life

The place has many things to recommend life there, and also some down sides too. I'll tell you more about the good things about living in the UK first, and then point out what's bad about it too.

Even if you are poor and have never paid into any insurance fund, if you live in the UK then the national government pays for your health care, even if you need a very expensive life-saving operation. Let's not underestimate this, as most countries don't have this.

The UK is very proud of being "a nation of shopkeepers" and private enterprise is actively encouraged. The excellent flagship Disadvantages of village life of British private enterprise is so good that any individual can just declare themselves to be a company and instantly become a real company and can trade without hindrance in almost any line of business although there are a few exceptions.

Although if you ask people, the majority are unhappy about the way the country is run, there's nothing much they can do about it. With very few exceptions, the British police are honest, and they have to obey the law.

Disadvantages of village life

This is in contrast to some countries where the police are feared by honest people. To put this in perspective, see what happened to me in Belize and what the Belize police did about it. Although the British police don't always succeed in the fight against crime, they are at least part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Even with the archaic legal system and absurd laws which various UK nanny state governments have imposed, the police have still managed to maintain reasonable order without becoming jobsworths. There is a welfare state which is such that people may live off it almost indefinitely.

Lifelong Idleness is subsidised, and there are extra bonus payments of subsidy for producing more children. It's all paid for out of tax. The UK is a much softer option for many people than various other countries.

This makes the country a very attractive prospect for immigrants.

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Immigrants are welcomed in the UK. Once in the UK, it is quite difficult to get deported. It's almost as if, once someone has set up home, made a decent attempt to learn the language, and got themselves a cat, they can apply for the rite of Habeas Felis.

If this were true, a famous politician once said "I'm not making this up" it would be good news for cats. My own situation is the other way around.

I have become quite well-off because of my success running this website, and I am emigrating as a tax exile because of the absurdly high taxation which punishes success. Although I like cats and I have a cat valency which is quite high, just before my emigration I have no cats.

However, free education is something which many countries aspire to, and I have even known people who have moved to the UK to get their children educated.

I disliked school so much that I will not have children while living in the UK! University education and specialist education is well respected worldwide. The British pound is more stable than almost all other world currencies, including the US dollar. Plus, the currency is better made.

Pounds are worth more than dollars or euros, but the general stability of the currency is largely because of long-term backing up of the value of the currency with real assets.Article Junction is an online blog of Sandeep Patil.

Here, I share my encounters and experiences of life and would contribute articles on variety of topics; like finance, technology, health, the . The traditional spinning hard drive is the basic non-volatile storage on a computer.

That is, information on it doesn't "go away" when you turn off the system, as is the case with data stored in. The best way to appreciate Britain is from outside of the UK.

The place has many things to recommend life there, and also some down sides too. Aug 16,  · In village life there are many advantages as well as torosgazete.comantages of village life is that their is no good education facility, transport and health facility. Health facility means there is no good hospital in village.

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