Essay on crime and corruption in south africa

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Essay on crime and corruption in south africa

Why is crime and violence so high in South Africa? By Chandre Gould Using the previous 12 months as a yardstickwe can expect that interpersonal violence and property crime will have affected hundreds of thousands more South Africans.

For some crimes, such as rape, domestic violence, and assault — including assaults against children — the cases recorded are a small fraction of the incidents that actually occur. That is more than two a day. Added to that is the 21, children who were assaulted, with almost half of those assaults being severe.

In the same year, 2, women were murdered, andwomen were victims of attempted murder, assault GBH and common assault.

As horrifying as these statistics are, the number of women and children who fell victim to violence is dwarfed by the number of similar attacks on men. At best, half of these cases would have made it to court and not all of those that make it to court result in a guilty verdict and the perpetrator being punished.

There are several consequences of this. With each year that violence remains so prevalent, the number of South Africans who have experienced and witnessed violence increases, and so does the extent of national trauma. This has serious consequences the health system; our ability to work as a nation, and our ability to raise a new generation of safe and healthy children.

But this is only one aspect of the very serious problems we face. Until South Africans had little reason to respect the law, and no reason to believe in the rule of law.

During apartheid, not only were many of the laws unjust and intended to entrench white domination, but unfair laws were also applied unfairly. In addition, the security forces, particularly the police, were used by the state to ensure that all South Africans lived in fear of the state, regardless of their race.

The apartheid state was deeply corrupt at all levels, and those who held positions of power, whether as politicians or functionaries, were very seldom called to account before a court for acts of corruption or the abuse of power. The situation was no different in relation to interpersonal violence and crime.

Black women who were raped were less likely to have their cases investigated than cases in which white women were the victims. In this context, who could be expected to have much respect for the law, or the rule of law? The enforcement of unjust laws with the effect of sending hundreds of thousands of people to jail over many years must have weakened any sense that law-breaking or imprisonment are of and in themselves wrongful.

South Africa began that process badly, by not holding to account those who were responsible for gross human rights violations under apartheid. The promise that amnesty would be offered in exchange for the truth, and that failure to apply for amnesty would result in criminal charges, was simply not kept.Essay on crime and corruption in south africa Thrace gladiateur descriptive essay biographie schreiben beispiel essay suor angelica analysis essay biography essay starters aziz essayed tx Corruption and the South African Police Service: A review and its implications.

In the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) anti-corruption unit was shut down after six years of . South Africa also has dedicated policies, standards and legislation specifically designed to enable the state to tackle corruption through both criminal and civil action.

The question then becomes, why, with all these resources available to tackle corruption, do South . Apartheid in South Africa Essays Words | 5 Pages.

The word apartheid comes in two forms, one being the system of racial segregation in South Africa, and the other form is the form that only those who were affected by apartheid can relate to, the deeper, truer, more horrifying, saddening and realistic form.

There is corruption that occurs as small favours between a small number of people (petty corruption), corruption that affects the government on a large scale (grand corruption), and corruption that is so prevalent that it is part of the every day structure of society, including corruption as one of the symptoms of organized crime.

Aug 25,  · 3. Corruption in South Africa Essay South Africa - Words. South Africa is a nation of diverse cultures, origins, languages and religions.

Essay on crime and corruption in south africa

From to a system of government known as the apartheid system segregated the black, white, coloured and Asian population.

Why is crime and violence so high in South Africa?