Group assignment ismt cimb bank

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Group assignment ismt cimb bank

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Ltd. Education: Supply Chain Finance at Standard Chartered Bank: Past: In My current assignment i am responsible as Vice President of Strategy & Planning and Human Resources to direct and oversee the company’s.

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Group Assignment ISMT CIMB Bank Essay Introduction Background of CIMB Bank Our assignment is to investigate the products and services offer by CIMB Bank. The reason we choose CIMB Bank is that it is a pure Malaysian bank.

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The Board of Director and management team almost all form by Malaysian. As a bank Relationship Manager, in charge of generating revenue through new investment and maintaining banking relationship with + existing clients.

Key Achievements/ Assignments: Achieved sales target and have been awarded Monthly Star Award 6 times out of 8 consecutive months. BDM at CIMB. Meng Meng Yue.


Relationship Manager at Title: CFA Level 3 Candidate | Personal . CIMB Niaga. June – July 2 months. Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia • Studied how the bank liquefied its assets through bonds, foreign exchange and stock sales.

Group assignment ismt cimb bank

• Coordinated Title: Student Assistant 2 at The .

Research: Rating Action: Moody's affirms ratings of CIMB Group and subsidiaries - Moody's