Health insurance coverage essay

Essays on the U. The major goal of the ACA is to expand coverage through a variety of tools. It creates a regulated health insurance market called insurance exchange, provides subsidies to participants in insurance exchange, expands Medicaid, imposes a health insurance mandate, and others. The purpose of my dissertation is to predict the impact of the ACA on health insurance coverage, health, and labor market outcomes based on a structural estimation of an equilibrium model of labor and health insurance markets.

Health insurance coverage essay

Having had many different diagnoses, surgeries, and procedures I have became all too familiar with interacting with insurance companies. In the last few years my diagnosis of breast cancer and the almost simultaneous diagnosis of our son Tristan with congenital spine and hand abnormalities has meant a level of paperwork, claims, and appeals I could never have imagined.

Navigating the maze of medical care and health insurance has become second nature to me. Having worked on this piece for weeks now, I realize the opposite is true: I just need to do my best to help.

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Tips on what to do when your health insurance company denies your claim | Lisa Bonchek Adams Today we resolve constitutional challenges to two provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of

I do think my upbringing in a medical household my father was a cardiothoracic surgeon helped familiarize me with medical terminology and how to correctly present a medical history.

The fact your claim was denied is the starting point not the ending point. Persistence and determination are a large part of what it takes to win. Physical especially congenital problems are easier to appeal than those related to developmental delays.

I do know that when it comes to dealing with insurance companies those types of diagnoses are harder to quantify; this often leads to greater challenges with insurance appeals. In my experience, if the delays can be linked to anatomical problems, orthopedic issues, or diagnoses that can be validated with tests like MRIs or CTs, the case will be easier to justify.

Insurance companies must give you a reason whey they are denying a claim.

Health insurance coverage essay

Most often this reason is that 1 the treatment is experimental or investigational, 2 the treatment is not medically necessary, or 3 the treatment is not the standard of care. Be clear how it is necessary to daily functioning.

Be sure to tell what you have tried already, and what has failed. Show how your diagnosis and treatment history has brought you to this place—how there is no other reasonable option to what you are asking for or how the alternative is not preferable.

Be sure to include diagnosis codes and treatment codes your medical professional will provide these. They may tell you that they have tried to get your service covered, it was denied and therefore this is the last word.

Their office appealed the first rejection. They were again denied. Undeterred, I asked for copies of my medical records.

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I called my insurance company and asked what I needed to do. In a case like this there is actually a financial disincentive for them to have insurance cover it; therefore, they may not be as aggressive as you will.

What does that mean? If I had paid out of pocket they would have received almost three times the amount of money that they receive when compensated by my insurance company directly. When the office tried to get the injections covered, the insurance company denied the request on the basis that this was an experimental treatment— not FDA-approved for this use.

I provided medical history sheets from my medical file.

Essays on the U.S. Health Insurance Reform

I documented every drug I had take until that point to try to prevent migraines and the dates I took them. I told them how the neurologist felt the Botox might help me. I included the original letter he had written to the insurance company.

I showed through my history with the numerous failed attempts with other drugs that the situation had not improved and in fact the side effects from those drugs had been debilitating.Apply for & enroll in coverage today.

Beat the December 15, deadline to enroll in health coverage that starts January 1, Apply now. Jul 27,  · Last month, as you’ve probably heard, a closely divided Supreme Court ruled that corporations with religious owners cannot be required to pay for insurance coverage .

[1] Adopted in , Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides health insurance for the poor and disabled. The federal government offsets its share of the funding (roughly percent, depending on a state’s income) from general revenue.


Apr 25,  · Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of provided for the better management of health information as well as increased health coverage for target entities. Of particular emphasis the law has is the privacy and security of health information.

[tags: health insurance coverage] Better Essays words ( pages) Health Care Reform Essay - Reforming health care system has been a hot topic for many years. A society's commitment to health care reflects some of it's most basic values about what it is to be a member of the human community (Cockerham, ).

Legislators have been. The US private health insurance industry, as it is known today, began in when Baylor Hospital began offering prepaid hospital coverage to 1, teachers. This program was the beginning of.

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