How to carve a pumpkin writing activity

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How to carve a pumpkin writing activity

Stay clear of power lines and enjoy. Hangman — this is a fun way to work on spelling with kids without them realizing it.

It offers a good opportunity to talk with your child to get them to open up and tell you about their day at school, etc. Here is a nice simple pattern that I recommend. Downloads as a PDF Beading — both boys and girls can have fun with stringing beads.

Macrame — knotting, weaving, etc crafts are always fun. Search for Macrame on Google. Play — Use any kind of ball. Then the person who catches the ball wins those points.

First person to wins. Pickle — Set up the two bases about 20 feet apart. The other kids would divide and go to the bases. The game starts by two kids tossing the ball to each other.

The object of the game is to time running from one base to the other without being tagged by the ball. If tagged then that new person is it. Any kind of ball is fine. Start with finding something that begins with the letter A.

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First person to shout out an answer get a point. Go all the way to Z. The person with the most points wins. I Spy — Another car game. Name that Tune — Hum a song and see if others can guess the name of the song.

Fall Math & Number Themed Printables

You can add this variation too: Rainy day or in a car. This is a great one for learning nouns, verbs, and so on. And it is a riot! You can find free ones online in a pinch.

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Conflict Games — Have children act out with you the difficulties they run into at school.Kindergarten Construction & Sculpture Activities. Working with materials helps students learn about academic concepts and art in a brand-new, tactile way. October Journal Prompts for Beginning Writers.

how to carve a pumpkin writing activity

These are an everyday staple to help increase writing fluency! We have had a TON of success with our daly Journal Prompts! In this commercial for the California Lottery, a man is being asked about his dog just as he wins the Lotto.

He and his dog transform into steampunks, and fly away in a hot air balloon airship. this is great! I remember looking at your blog over a year ago, and its refreshing to see how far you’ve came.

Everything about your blog, your writing, photography, tutorials, all of it has came so far and I think you deserve a kuddos:) Thanks for all the tips, I’ve been dabbling with getting out of manual for a couple weeks now its quite frightening.

lol. There are many themes in fall. Each of them has different things that work so well for them. I have done a few round-ups with all the printables & Activities for a few of them.

Here are some samples Reading Comprehension Checks for 2nd Grade. October Journal Prompts for Beginning Writers. These are an everyday staple to help increase writing fluency!

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