How to write a good reflection statement

A key part of this is reflecting on your development through producing reflective statements. Chartered Marketer status recognises those marketers achieving the highest level in our profession and can be achieved through knowledge, experience and continuing professional development CPD. You are also required to complete reflective statements on a minimum of two core and two technical competencies detailed in the image above during each CPD year.

How to write a good reflection statement


Beginning a paper that requires evaluation of your own work and behavior, though, can be challenging. You can get started on a reflective assignment by understanding the specific assignment requirements and using brainstorming activities to compile evidence of your growth and change.

how to write a good reflection statement

For example, you may be asked to reflect on the development of an essay in English class, or to describe a personal challenge for a scholarship or college application.

Pay attention to the length requirement as well; a reflective essay will typically be two to three pages and therefore require a summary of events rather than a descriptive, lengthy narrative.

This means recording a description of events without inserting any personal judgments or emotional language. You can then use the log to note how the experience changed your thought process or behavior. For example, you may be writing about a personality clash with a coworker and how you chose to find a way to communicate rather than be in conflict.

One way to structure your thesis is by previewing your analysis of your experience and how you changed as a result. Make an Outline A reflective essay typically includes an introduction, at least three body paragraphs that both detail your experience and evaluate your response to it, followed by a conclusion.

Be careful not to let the story itself dominate the essay; Queensland University of Technology suggests focusing on only the most crucial details so you have room left to reflect on what happened.

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.A reflective statement is a statement that portrays thoughts on a specific past experience. Reflective statements are used to understand past events and to learn lessons. Reflective writing focuses on what happened in the past, who was involved and why things happened.

A reflective statement should. Basically, writing a reflection essay is a good exercise to sharpen your critical thinking skills. You have to understand what it is that you have to reflect on before proceeding with the essay, otherwise you will only lose track of your ideas or, worse, you will not be able to write anything that will make sense.

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Whether writing about a group project or a significant personal event, a reflective essay lets you present an overview of a personal experience and its impact on you.

Beginning a paper that requires evaluation of your own work and behavior, though, can be challenging. May 28,  · The term “reflective statement” refers to the method of writing that revolves around hindsight and is typically assigned to students in academic settings in order to assist in their discovery of the ways in which education has helped them Lexis Clark.

Your reflective statements need to cover learning activities and personal development. Here, the range of CIM competencies should offer you a fair amount of flexibility that will fit with the context of your job role and organisation.

In outlining the conclusion, identify the thesis statement and add the main points from the body paragraphs as a recap.

how to write a good reflection statement

Don't add new information to the conclusion, and be sure to identify the closing statement of your reflection paper.

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