League of legends analysis

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League of legends analysis

In just days, Riot will be hosting an LCS All-Star event that is expected to receive stream viewers up into the millions.

League of legends analysis

Read More by being shallow and bland. Read More will put them at a competitive edge over an opponent. With that in mind, several League of Legends statistics sites have popped up with the sole intention of helping us better understand the numbers.

LolKing LolKing is known within the ranked community as that one League of legends analysis everyone goes to when they want to critique and analyze the past performances of their teammates during champion selection. First worth looking at is the Charts section of LolKing.

Another great set of charts will offer you lane-by-lane matchup analysis and bottom lane synergy levels. You can literally see exact win rates for matchups at every single lane and base your picks on that.

Another great piece of this website is the Champions section.

The premier source for League of Legends esports data, analytics, and insights

Statistics currently show Janna, Twisted Fate, and Rumble being the top three winning champions in the game. Elophant Elophant never forgets, and it has a whole heap of statistics for you to browse through and enjoy.

Like LolKing, Elophant has its very own Charts page. However, the difference is pretty significant. Elophant offers a peek into a lot more interesting and different data. Charts are broken up by role and tier, giving you a glimpse at which roles deal the most damage, which roles earn the most gold, which role maintains the best KDA, which tier of players buy the most wards, which tier of players have the highest ping, and more.

Similarly to LolKing once again, Elophant offers a page that offers details specific to each champion. This data is more detailed than what is provided by LolKing, and you can see information such as which champions deal the most damage overall, which are the most played, and which skins are the most popular.

Elophant also offers one of the only ways for you to see how many Influence Points you or anyone else have accrued over a League of Legends lifespan. Elophant shows much of the same of what LolKing brings to us, but has a few additional goodies and statistics on the side that really make it an interesting and entertaining resource.

While both of these League of Legends statistics sites can improve your game by providing you with statistics and information that you need to better understand the game, keep in mind that the best way to improve is to constantly play and challenge yourself.

Know each and every champion and what they are capable of. Recently, it was crowned the most popular game online based on usage statistics and more than eight million people tuned in to watch their Season What do you think of LolKing and Elophant?

Which of these two websites seems more helpful to you?

League of legends analysis

Let me know in the comments, and feel free to talk with me about anything else League-related! Stay informed by joining our newsletter!Analysis in Competitive League of Legends March 6, Despite the tremendous strides competitive League of Legends has made recently, the industry is still fairly young with regards to how players interact with the support staff and management.

League of Legends Game Analysis Ex-Pro LoL Support player's guides, blogs, and more! Saturday, January 11, League is becoming a very social game and with that I think accessibility and mobility would be features very important. Conclusion. The truth is league of legends has had (and still has) a more active player base and brings in more money total and more money per active user than Fortnite does.

Also Fortnite’s recent growth has been all due to the release of Fortnite on mobile and console, the PC user base has actually hit a . Get replay analysis from higher ranked gamers For Free.

Replay analysis is the best way to really get better. Get feedback from a higher ranked player. Give back by providing feedback to a lower ranked gamer.

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It's time to master your skills. “Is it to be thankful for the development of a tool like RiftGG, which allows you to make an in-depth analysis of League of Legends. The functionality that I like the most is the option to create playlists, because it is useful to players, analysts or commentators, who want to save their highlighted plays to study or replay later.

The World Championships for League of Legends began last weekend, and the tournament is expected to smash esports records all over again.

League of Legends is an esports phenomenon. It’s the.

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