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Lustre paper

Go to start of metadata A Lustre file system consists of a number of machines connected together and configured to service filesystem requests.

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The primary purpose of a file system is to allow a user to read, write, lock persistent data. Lustre file system provides this functionality and is designed to scale performance and size as controlled, routine fashion.

In a production environment, A Lustre filesystem typically consists of a number of physical machines. Each machine performs a well defined role and together these roles go to make up the filesystem. To understand why Lustre scales well, and to consider if Lustre is suitable in your use case, it is important to understand the machine roles within Lustre.

A typical Luster installation consists of: One or more Clients. One or more Object Storage services.

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Client A Client in the Lustre filesystem is a machine that requires data. This could be a computation, visualization, or desktop node. Once mounted, a Client experiences the Lustre filesystem as if the filesystem were a local or NFS mount.

Lustre Manual Metadata services In the Lustre filesystem metadata requests are serviced by two components: Where is the data for file XYZ located? Do I have permission to write to file ABC?

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Currently, each Lustre filesystem has only one active MDS. Lustre Manual Object Storage services Data in the Lustre filesystem is stored and retrieved by two components: A Lustre filesystem can have one or more OSS nodes.

To increase the storage capacity of the Lustre filesystem, additional OSTs can be attached. To increase the bandwidth of the Lustre filesystem, additional OSS can be attached.

Lustre Manual Tools A Lustre filesystem uses modified versions of e2fsprogs and tar. Managing a large Lustre filesystem is a task that is simplified by community and vendor supported tools.i love wax paper for packing lunches; i wrap sandwiches in a piece of wax paper and tie it like a present with a little cotton string.

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Lustre paper

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