Matrix and v for vendetta

Their father Ron Wachowski was a businessman of Polish descent.

Matrix and v for vendetta

It is a little bit more challenging to compare The Matrix to other dystopian works because you have to be clear if you speak about the whole world including the matrix or just the world inside the matrix.

But if we are speaking about dystopian elements we can find some in both of them. Even in the matrix we can make out hints of a system that is in control.

Matrix and v for vendetta

Namely the law enforcement, that works like in the United States of today. It is safe to say that such a system does not have to be too suspicious, because it reflects our current world which is not widely considered a dystopian nightmare.

Now we can start to speak of technological control, which becomes more obvious when we learn more about the outside world and how humans are controlled by Matrix and v for vendetta artificial intelligence.

The protagonists struggle to escape the current system is also considered as a dystopian element. Other elements are the ones revolving surveillance and control. It starts with the wire tapping in the matrix and ends with the ultimate form of control.

The matrix, which is applied to all humans from infancy to death, controls everything from information over freedom of speech to time. In a way, for the masses, the matrix also seems to be kind of an utopia. An interesting question is, if The Matrix really is a dystopian work.

Novels like or Brave New World try to warn us how future could change the Society and focus more on individual values like freedom or tolerance.

At least the reality outside world in The Matrix ignores these questions. It is more comparable to stories like Terminator which brings it nearer to works of science fiction.

The Questions that arise in The Matrix are not the ones of other dystopian works.

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The whole concept of a dystopia is so overdone with the creation of the matrix, that you do not have to worry about certain elements like propaganda or surveillance.

In theory, humans can have everything they want inside this artificial world and do not even have a realistic chance to revolt against from inside. Where The Matrix really shines, is its play with reality. Life inside the matrix is that much superior to the reality in the outside world, that, even after the humans have won, they do not seem to abolish the matrix.

This makes becoming aware of reality even less desirable than in any other dystopia before. As hinted at before, The Matrix is more a progression of the ideas in these books. If we see the loss of human identity in a more and more mechanized world as the key message of Brave New World, The Matrix goes one step further in two ways.

The first is the total control the machines have achieved over the human life cycle. The second, and more interesting, is the question, if a virtual human identity counts. Inside the matrix, humans are relatively free to live their life.

Restrictions are just a means to an end and not to suppress their identity. But to decide, if life inside the matrix means more or less than in our so called reality, is not an easy task. In respect to which revolves much about topics like surveillance or control of thoughts, Big Brother would have found the ultimate tool in the matrix.

It solves all his problems at once and works far more efficiently than his apparatus of ministries. So for me it is less comparable to because it does not give you, as an individual, much to think about except do not loose the war against the machines or do not nuke our planet.

It is especially one aspect that resembles Brave New World. When Aldous Huxley, with his work, wanted to express his fear of what the industrial revolution might bring to mankind, The Matrix might do the same for the internet or virtual realities.

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The striking resemblance to The Island is the perverted way human bodies are used. They are only raised to serve a certain purpose human spare parts or batteries and are killed when they are no good any more.

They have mystic powers which they have to master during the story. Also terms like oracle or prophecy strengthen the mystic notion.“V” is for very good, a little “violent” and very much like “Batman.” That’s James McTeigue’s “V for Vendetta.” Or should I say the Wachowski brothers’ “V for Vendetta.

V for Vendetta is a dystopian political thriller film directed by James McTeigue and written by The Wachowski Brothers, based on the DC/Vertigo Comics limited series of the same name by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. A complete and detailed guide to a of work on dystopian films - including detailed lesson plans.

I look at the Matrix with my classes but can also be used for V for Vendetta or any other dystopian film. Conspiracy Times – V for Vendetta From the makers of The Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta paints the story of a vengeful terrorist – or freedom fighter?

– which, whether in Thatcherite Britain of the s or Bush’s America after 9/11, has an eternal message. by Philip Coppens “Remember Remember the Fifth of November ” November 5 in Great .

The Wachowskis' next feature film was V for Vendetta, an adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel of the same name, starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. The Wachowskis wrote and produced the film with Matrix producer Joel Silver, who had previously purchased the film rights to the novel.

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