Penny argument

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Penny argument

The heart of the issue is that pennies cost more than one cent to make, so why not stop making them?

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Given the prevalence of "take-a-penny" dishes at many checkout counters, it seems that cashiers already prefer rounding than dealing with pennies. Countries including the U. But the actual issue aside, this whole penny discussion is jam-packed with trivia about coins and metallurgy.

The New Yorker piece linked above brings us some great tidbits. More recent [pennies] are ninety-seven and a half per cent zinc. Nickels, despite their silvery appearance, are seventy-five per cent copper. Primarily because zinc [in addition to copper] has soared in value, producing a penny now costs about 1.

The Treasury incurs an annual penny deficit of about fifty million dollars -- a condition known in the coin world as "negative seigniorage. Eliminating pennies would increase our reliance on nickels, which now cost almost ten cents to manufacture Also, the article mentions people "throwing away" pennies.

I toss mine in a jar, but never the trash.LESSON 5: Do We Really Need the Penny? LESSON 6: Writing the Argument; LESSON 7: Summarizing the Facts; LESSON 8: Cause and Effect-Informational Text; To begin, I will remind the students how to build an argument.

First, you need to pick a topic, do the research, and then pick a stance. This will allow you to go into writing fully prepared. SCENE I.

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Part1. Brainstorm: Make a list of all the things you write each day such as. texts, status updates, tweets, emails, reports, essays, and so on. Include all the people you write to or for such as friends, family. The main argument to eliminate the one-cent coin is the cost: It actually costs more to make a penny than the coin is worth.

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Mint, which produces our coins, makes pennies out of zinc and copper. According to David R. Carroll in the Prairie News Register, “A penny currently costs the United States government cents to mint” (Para. 1). That is a loss of cents per penny, or more than double the value of the penny.

Penny argument

Although an extra cents may not seem like much, the total loss is approximately $ million dollars annually. The argument to dump the penny is a compelling one which has been made both eloquently and angrily, as evidenced in this legendary rant by William Safire in the New York Times or by blogger Michael Barone, who calls for an Executive Order that would allow merchants to refuse pennies.

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