Project architect

He also may assume additional managerial responsibilities to oversee large projects, although in large firms or projects, a project manager may be assigned to oversee non-technical details of carrying out an architectural project.

Project architect

The duties of a project architect depend greatly on the size of the project assigned to them.

Project architect

They oversee the workers involved in the design of the project, and they also are in charge of coordinating different pieces of the project with staff and clients. In some cases, the project architect also is responsible for communicating with the engineers and city officials that may be involved with the design phase of each project.

They also determine the construction materials and the best methods for the project.

Project Manager/project Architect/ Vice President

They make sure that each project meets local zoning and building codes. It is important for a project architect to have exceptional leadership and communication skills; they also need to have good knowledge of architectural software programs.

Work with vendors to ensure on-time delivery and on-budget production. Assess sites, relevant city codes, and other research.

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Develop construction documents through consultation with clients. Soaring salaries can also be found at Perkins and Will, Hks, Inc. Plan your career path. Drag job titles to investigate a particular path and click on a link to see where particular career can lead.

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More often than not, a Senior Project Architect role is the next step for Project Architects moving up in the field. Project Architect Job Listings Popular Skills for Project Architect This chart shows the most popular skills for this job and what effect each skill has on pay.

Project Architects seem to wield many skills on the job. Most notably, skills in Technical Specification, Project Management, Client Interaction, and Project Coordinating are correlated to pay that is above average.

Average total compensation includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay. Pay Difference by Location.Nov 13,  · A project architect coordinates the many parts of a project; they are in charge of product design, development of plans, construction documents, and .

Project Architect vs. Project Manager By La Femme Architecte Some of you may ask or wonder what is the difference between a project architect and a project manager.

Project architect

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The project architect is the team leader in charge of overseeing timely and profitable completion of a project. A college degree, state licensure, and experience are required for the position. The project architect coordinates the work team, consults with clients, draws designs, and proposes budgets.

Associate, Project Architect, Project Manager. Long Island Jewish-Northshore Medical Center - Hillside Hospital Psychiatric Center, New Hyde park, NY.

Managed developing of partial master plan and renovation and expansion of five buidings. Northshore Hospital Pediatric Unit, Long Island, NY.

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