Racial exploitation in the music industry

I had mixed feelings. On the other hand…it kind of sucks? What did you think?

Racial exploitation in the music industry

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Especially those in the music industry. I must be totally unapologetic about this.

Racial exploitation in the music industry

Why Do Schemes Exist? For that reason, schemers know they can exploit your hopes and dreams for their own profits. Ultimately, the cons exist because artists keep falling for it.


What I mean by that is this: In fact, there are many more that I could list. But these are the main problems that I have seen throughout my years of experience in the biz, not only as an artist myself but also as a producer, songwriter, engineer, and digital marketer.

Yes, this is in fact an AD. I did not ask for this to be a part of my timeline, but because Facebook targeted advertising allows them to geo-target my location and interests, they have successfully appeared in my timeline.

Look at the likes and comments. So lets get into the nuts and bolts of the pay to perform scam. Ah, a classic, and one of my personal favorites. Your performance fee is paying their salary. The only way to grab the attention of real decision makers is to create a legit online buzz organically through creative grassroots digital marketing efforts.

That means, you could end up going on stage to perform at 2am when everyone has already left. The danger with this one is that there appears to be legitimacy attached to it. I decided to include this company, Artist Auditions, into the article after a close and very smart friend of mine asked what I thought of it.

Please understand that most of the audience is there to see the headliner, not you. Besides that, chances are that they will be too drunk to even remember who you were.

Sean Healy Presents is another company running a similar operation. They actually have one of my favorite artists, Eric Bellinger, listed on their homepage. This is their desperate attempt to associate with legitimacy, but all they are delivering is a false promise.

Also because my network is decently vast and chances are that someone knows him. Yes, this is a real life example. Gosh, where do I begin. What I want you to focus on though, is the use of very specific language. I return on investment. Then he will ask you what your budget is.

The ones who are creating substantial content and backing it up with the right marketing strategy. Produkt is a friend of mine. His music is meaningful, videos are super high quality, and the overall marketing strategy is really focused on inspiring people through his music.

The Online Service This one is probably the most complicated of the bunch. Well it seems the proof is in the pudding for this one.

There happens to be thousands of complaints about them online. Nobody has ever gotten a groundbreaking placement or publishing deal, etc.

Racial exploitation in the music industry

My final word of advice is to steer clear of Music X-Ray, along with any other similar services like them.Watch video · The repackaging of Black music continues to support a lopsided system by granting the financial success to the controllers of the music industry which, in many cases, are white people.

At the same time, Cyrus has been exploiting and promoting racial stereotypes in her music and music videos.

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After her transition she has become a far more promiscuous figure, suggests involvement with drugs and takes on things like "twerking" which is a dance move born in the African American community.

By , MTV began playing rap music on a regular basis, and multi- million unit rap sales by the Beastie Boys, Tone Loc, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice convinced music industry executives that rap music, for all of it’s ‘Blackness’ in attitude, style, speech, music, and thematics, was a substantial success with white teenagers.

Gaetano is a NYC based Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist that has worked with some of the biggest names in music. After releasing 2 EPs and producing records for major artists, Gaetano has been documenting his music industry experiences via his blog. To get in touch with Gaetano, follow him on Instagram: @official_gaetano.

The Blues and the White Music Industry The Road to is part of the continuing problem of white exploitation of black talent. ask students to assess the success of the blues across racial.

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African Americans have had a long and rather complex history in the American motion picture industry. Early depictions of African American men and women were confined to demeaning stereotypical images of people of color.

The success of minstrel shows, which showcased White stage actors in blackface, transferred rather easily to the silver screen.

The Exploitation and Racial Politics of Black Music