Rencontre en ligne quebec

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Rencontre en ligne quebec

These increases will be effective going forward from this year The increases are as follows: These increases are necessary in order to offset operating losses that have occurred in recent years. We would like to take this opportunity to remind the membership of the various benefits CKF provides with the revenue obtained from membership and grading fees.

Most people are aware that we support the men's and women's national kendo teams. Every three years, our national teams represent Canada at the World Kendo Championships. Money provided to the team supports not only the WKC trip itself, but the coaching and training effort Rencontre en ligne quebec up to the big event.

CKF provides excellent insurance coverage for our member clubs and instructors.

Rencontre en ligne quebec

Many regular practices and seminars are held in public facilities that typically demand proof of insurance which would be prohibitive in cost without the CKF insurance policy.

It is very important to the Federation, its clubs, directors, instructors and members. Development of kendo, iaido and jodo is supported in part through Development Funds for each of the arts.

Clubs may apply for funds to support local events that promote and develop their art. Some clubs are unaware that these funds exist. We encourage you to utilize the funds by organizing locally.

We are interested in any ideas you may have to develop kendo, iaido or jodo. In addition to the targeted Development Funds, money has been made available from the general fund in the past year or two, particularly to help with iaido and jodo gradings where we do not yet have enough ranking sensei to grade the higher dan.

Speaking of dan, of course your grading fees go in part to cover the organizational cost of the gradings themselves. These costs, such as facility rental, have been rising in recent years.

Our national cohesion plan allows us to finance examiner's travel expenses from west to east, and vice versa. We value the quality and credibility of our national exams.

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Our instructors volunteer many hours towards management and instruction of their clubs, refereeing at tournaments and judging at gradings. Supporting the continuing education and development of our instructors is an important use of CKF funds.

Finally, we are proud to organize and collaborate financially in the triennial national championships of Kendo and Iaido that require the efforts and sacrifices of many volunteers and organizers.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this message, and hope you have a better understanding of the services CKF provides. Any members who have questions regarding CKF finances are encouraged to have a look at our financial statement and contact Treasurer John Maisonneuve for any clarification needed.

Cotisation annuelle des members: Cotisation annuelle des clubs: Nous vous conseillons de consulter les bilans financiers sur les sites inscrits sur la page en anglais et de questionner librement notre Tresorier, Monsieur John Maisonneuve.Tchat Quebec.

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Rencontre en ligne quebec

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