Semester system vs annusemester system vs

By Rafael Franco - Sep 25 4 shares College can be frightening and it can be even more frightening when you are attending a college that takes the typical high school learning period of 36 weeks and turns it into a mere 10 weeks, AKA the quarter system. Since most colleges and universities are under the semester system, which mind you is more slow-paced than the quarter system, students often overlook how fabulously the quarter system is set up.

Semester system vs annusemester system vs

If the debate is so ongoing, what makes one option better than the other? Top Writing Reviews made a comparison. Between the Two Systems At this point, about The main differences would include the following: A quarter system will be using week periods while semesters will use week periods.

This will let you take three different sessions for your class as opposed to the two sessions of a semester.

Semester System vs. Quarter System in California Universities

This affects mostly the winter break, which will last up to 4 weeks with a semester system. In the case of the quarter system, this vacation will only last two weeks. The quarter system usually starts and ends the academic year generally a month later than the semester system.

This will end up making that winter break just perfect! The school will start somewhere in the middle or late September, will end in the middle of June, and will be broken down this way: When it comes to schedule, the quarter system will have breaks throughout the entire year.

These breaks will be around the major holidays, and obviously, spring break. This is how the breaks will look like: A two or sometimes three-day break around Thanksgiving.

A winter break which can last up to two weeks long, with the second quarter starting right after New Years has passed. A one-week break separating the second and third quarter — because every student needs a spring break, right?

Mar 26,  · For undergrad we used a semester system so I just want to know how a quarter system works, how the semester system compares to the quarter system and particularly how it compares to the quarter system when used in optometry school. Replies to: Trimester/quarter system vs. semester system #1. nugraddad Registered User Posts: 1, Senior Member. April My D used to say about the quarter system, that it always felt like there was a mid-term or a final coming up. But if you're smart enough to get into NU, you're smart enough to figure out how it all works, and adjust to. Most people under the semester system take around classes as compared to under the quarter system. This allows for there to be more classes taken by a student under the quarter system (around per year) compared to the per year of a student in enrolled in the semester system.

This is what the quarter system looks like. On the outside, it looks pretty cool.

Semester system vs annusemester system vs

But how does it look when compared with the semester quarter? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Pros and Cons to the Quarter System Before settling on a college system for yourself or your kid, there are a few things you may want to consider first. Here are some pros and cons to getting you started in the semester vs.

Since you will be taking week quarters as opposed to week semesters, you will have more opportunities to make your GPA reflect your work. By that time, half of the semester will probably already be over. You can have midterms as early as 3 weeks in or just before the exam.

The pace is very fast.Introduction of semester system can be said to be the product of these investigations.


A semester system is an academic term. It is division of an academic . GENERAL FORMULA FOR CONVERTING CREDITS Convert quarter credits to semester credits: Divide quarter credits by Examples: 3 quarter credits ÷ = 2 semester credits SEMESTER SYSTEM 15 credit hours per semester x 2 semesters per year = 30 credits per year.

Semester system vs annusemester system vs

A two –year program equals approximately 60 credits; a four-year baccalaureate. Southeast Community College will look at whether changing its academic calendar from a quarter system to a semester system could benefit the college, which has campuses in Lincoln, Beatrice and.

Term vs Semester Term and semester are words commonly heard at educational institutions. These words are used for the length or the time period for which a session lasts or has been so scheduled. Term is a generic word that applies to the duration of the academic session .

A semester credit hour (SCH) is the amount of credit a student earns for successful completion of one contact hour and two preparation hours per week for a semester. One semester credit hour equals contact hours per semester, regardless of the duration of the course.

Although the semester system is far more prevalent among institutions of higher learning, it is by no means definitively better (or worse) than the quarter system. In fact, the quarter system can prove to be a much academically conducive for some individuals.

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