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America's Unequal Retirement One of the cruelest manifestations of widening inequality happens in life's final quarter. Inequality has been increasing in multiple ways. But one little-appreciated form is the inequality of retirement time.

Senior class

Mar 19, Mar 19, Just before the Army sent Jable Dean to Vietnam init outlined a simple emergency evacuation plan: Rarely are they acknowledged as combat veterans. But their status as Vietnam veterans is totally ignored by the U.

A mix of World War II veterans, Korean War veterans and new recruits, they were prohibited from carrying their service weapons and many wore civilian clothes. Nevertheless, they gathered intelligence, trained soldiers, transported Catholic refugees out of the north, flew reconnaissance, took casualties and were sent home with orders not to talk about their time in Southeast Asia.

That secrecy became a curse for many of them, part of the veil that hides their service and sacrifice. The United States had more than 40 military assistance groups stationed around the world between and The difference was the job hazards that came with Indochina.

Army Center of Military History in Washington. All told, nearly U.

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Most were killed in andas U. Reluctant recruit Dean had no intention of going to Vietnam when he joined the Army in to escape his job at a golf-club factory in Tennessee.

They told Dean they were recruiting volunteers to go Senior class Indochina. Dean declined; he had recently become engaged. Dean went to Washington for a two-week briefing. He purchased two alligator-skin Samsonite suitcases, filled them with civilian clothes and headed out. When he arrived in Vietnam in AugustDean was sure he was in the wrong place.

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He worked rotating shifts — days, swings and then midnights — encoding and decoding messages from around the world. Dean and a fellow American watched what became known as the Battle of Saigon unfold in the streets below their hotel over the next three days.

It seemed harmless until the bullets came their direction. Communist insurgents rolled a bomb under the U. A tornado of smoke and shattered glass ripped through the heavily damaged bus.

Eight were medevaced to Clark Air Base in the Philippines. The bus attack was accompanied by a simultaneous bombing at the U. Another bomb was detonated at the U.

Information Service library elsewhere in Saigon, but the building was unoccupied.

She contacted the Red Cross to inquire about his welfare. As a result, Pratt was called before Gen. Buis and Master Sgt. The deaths of these two soldiers in July also received passing news coverage and faded from view. But it took George Fryett decades to convince VA that he was held by the Viet Cong for more than six grueling months, during which he expected to be executed at any moment.

Fryett was in charge of classified documents at MAAG headquarters. But on Christmas Evehe headed out of Saigon on his three-speed bicycle in search of a swimming pool in Thu Duc — a leisurely outing he thought was safe.

He was jumped by Viet Cong insurgents after turning down a side road he assumed led to the pool. He estimates he marched miles as a prisoner with a rope around his neck and his hands tied behind his back.

Although his release and return home in June was widely publicized, it failed to register with some of the people he dealt with in the United States. And for years afterward, the military and VA medical systems treated Fryett as if he was indeed insane.

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Fond memories Other soldiers regarded overseas duty as an adventure. McCaughey deployed to train South Vietnamese soldiers in early after persuading the Army to give him the opportunity to see another part of the world. McCaughey sustained shrapnel wounds when another soldier tripped a land mine while on field exercises near the DMZ.

Senior class

He was ultimately shipped to Germany — but not before seeing evidence of the North Vietnamese assassinations of village chiefs and their families loyal to the South Vietnamese government.

He wanted to escape the routine of KP, guard duty and other chores that marked his days stateside.Plan your high school reunion, RSVP to attend, invite schoolmates and view the latest from your reunion.

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Senior class

Students are able to form lifelong bonds with their classmates, while seeing some of the most incredible landmarks and attractions in America. Another post was advertised which was more senior, so I applied for that Television and radio needed many more women in senior jobs staff, middle management, and senior management On average, senior managers spend more than nine hours a day at the office The level of pay for the most senior executives has more than trebled over the past six years.

Senior Class Gift Class gifts have been a tradition since and include the bronze doors of the Westcott Building, a clock for the University Center’s Tower, the Westcott Brick Project, the fountain on Landis Green and the stained-glass window in the Student Life Building.

Eller College Dean's Council Presents: Leave Your Legacy We’re proud to announce the 11th annual launch of the Eller College Senior Class Gift initiative. This is the perfect way for you to leave a positive and lasting impact on the Eller College of Management.

The Senior Class Gift Campaign, a tradition at GW since the s, is a way for each class to leave their legacy on the university through philanthropic efforts.

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