The history and social impact of the panama papers

News and Finance Anchor at Yahoo! Here are some of the effects that we are beginning to see as a result. In early April,the International Consortium of Journalists leaked a wealth of sensitive documents known as the Panama Papers.

The history and social impact of the panama papers

Print On April 7, 14 large blue letters quietly disappeared from the outer walls of an office building in an exclusive neighborhood in northern San Salvador. One by one, the letters came down from the blue and beige stucco walls, leaving behind faint traces of the name of the law firm that had been working there just days before: Employees of the El Salvador branch of Mossack Fonseca, the Panama-headquartered law firm whose leaked files have formed the basis of thousands of news reports exposing the secrets of the offshore financial industry, claimed it was a scheduled relocation.

Salvadoran authorities suspected something else was going on. Just the day before, they had announced an investigation into citizens who had done business with the law firm. They worried that evidence might be destroyed.

Authorities live-tweeted the action as officers invaded the law office. Government officials and activists expect the developments to continue for years to come as outrage fueled by Panama Papers revelations drives politicians and citizens alike to bring light to a shadow financial system that, for decades, has resisted reform.

Since the Panama Papers broke in early April, hundreds of journalists from dozens of countries who collaborated on the investigation have published more than 4, news stories based on Mossack Fonseca, the globe-spanning law firm that has created hard-to-trace shell companies for corporations, politicians and fraudsters.

Eastern Daylight Time April 3. PanamaPapers became the No. Thousands of protestors marched in streets in every continent except Antarctica.


Throngs threw cultured yogurt in Iceland and rocks in Pakistan. As a result, more than one-third of all nations — at least 79 so far — have announced inquiries, audits or investigations by police, customs, financial crime and mafia prosecutors, judges and courts, tax authorities, parliaments and corporate reviews, according to global media reports and official statements.

Thousands of taxpayers and companies are under investigation. Governments have already reported recouping tens of millions of dollars in taxes on previously undeclared funds. Across four continents, police have raided warehouses, offices and homes. Government officials in three countries have resigned, including a prime minister and an energy and industry minister.

Business executives and attorneys are behind bars awaiting criminal trials in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Panama Papers has produced an almost daily drumbeat of regulatory or legislative moves, follow-up news stories and calls by politicians and activists for more investigation and more action.

In May, the U. Treasury and Justice departments proposed a series of new laws and rules that would make it easier for law enforcement authorities and financial regulators to track dirty money inside and outside the United States.

The Panama Papers underscore the importance of the efforts the United States has taken domestically, and the efforts we have undertaken with our international partners, to address these shared challenges.

Senate Finance Committee, wrote to the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service to demand information on what, if anything, the agencies had gathered from the Panama Papers database that had been made public by ICIJ and its media partners.

Sharif and his family deny any wrongdoing. No government wants to be the next Panama. Billions more are being traced for potential tax evasion. According to Wagner, the financial hits to the companies in the wake of Panama Papers represent the largest loss in history following big data leaks or corporate scandals, greater than the combined market cap losses produced by the scandals that hit Enron and Volkswagen.

HSBC affiliates were among the most active banks to request offshore companies for clients from the law firm. According to the academics, the drop in value suggests that investors believe companies will have a harder time avoiding taxes in the future or may be hit by fines for tax evasion.

The bank blocked 68 suspicious accounts but claimed to find no evidence it actively helped tax evasion. Several have set up full-time taskforces with ten employees or more, the survey found.

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Department of Justice and the U. The Wall Street Journal reported that U.

The history and social impact of the panama papers

Among the new rules his agency announced was a requirement that it said would strengthen the obligations of banks, securities dealers and other firms to verify the identities of the real owners of financial accounts.

In July the assembly introduced restrictions on benefits enjoyed by Taiwanese companies that keep profits offshore. Lebanon, another offshore financial center, also passed legislation in October to ease the exchange of tax information with other countries in an effort to avoid international blacklisting in the post-Panama Papers world.

Thousands under scrutiny Officials in many countries are also taking direct action against citizens suspected of having used offshore entities to reduce their tax bills.

million documents and dozens of scandals later, the implications of history's largest leak have only begun to unfold. In early April, , the International Consortium of Journalists leaked a wealth of sensitive documents known as the Panama Papers. The leak consisted of terabytes of data from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, and linked world leaders from more than 50 companies . IMPACT Panama Papers Have Had Historic Global Effects — and the Impacts Keep Coming. The investigation has produced an almost daily drumbeat of regulatory moves, follow-up stories and calls by politicians and activists for more action to combat offshore financial secrecy. Panama - Government and society: Panama has a popularly elected, representative system of government with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Universal suffrage was instituted in , and Panamanians 18 years of age and older are eligible to vote. After a coup by the National Guard in , the national legislature was suspended, and Panama was administered by a provisional.

Governments are investigating more than 6, taxpayers and companies, according to ICIJ and dozens of its media partners who assembled responses from government agencies and public statements.

In November alone, governments in Iceland, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, India and Pakistan announced probes of nearly 1, taxpayers for potential tax evasion. In Iceland, more than tax cases are under review and 46 cases of potential tax evasion have been referred to prosecutors, according to media reports.

Authorities have conducted more than a dozen raids.The panama papers and the art market As pointed out by the New York Times, the Panama papers also reveal just how critical a role secrecy plays in the art market today.

The raid of Mossack Fonseca’s El Salvador office was one of hundreds of official reactions to Panama Papers — a mix of investigations, fines, high-profile resignations, police raids, arrests, national legal reforms and international conclaves. Apr 21,  · 3 Major Implications of the Panama Papers Leak The impact of this massive leak is likely to reverberate for a long time, whether or not changes come about as a .

Snowden talks about surveillance, soccer and #whistleblowers with @f_obermaier and @b_obermayer "there is also your John Doe, the Panama Papers whistleblower, whose . The Panama Papers Verified account @PanamaPapersDoc A documentary feature film about the biggest global corruption scandal in history, and the hundreds of Account Status: Verified.

The Panama Papers are an unprecedented leak of m files from the database of the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The records were obtained from an anonymous source by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

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