Timberjack case study essay

Login Both the Swedish and US team agreed on the Issues leading to the business need of a new software package.

Timberjack case study essay

Guestbook I have this small black book, you know to tell the truth it is more dark blue than black The cases aren't numerous, thank God, but mysterious in the sense that they transcend my most likely limited understanding of hydraulics, and until now I wasn't able to come up with a plausible theory that could explain the malfunction in question, or alternatively, I came up with a theory, but wasn't able or didn't have means to confirm it.

The following case is one of the few I recall almost every day The story begins with a good client of ours buying a used but "good as new" forwarder on alet's say, regional market - hand to hand, hence reasonable price but no warranty whatsoever, and the predicaments start pouring down The machine ran well for a couple of months, and then one sunny morning refused to move in one direction.

The usual mechanic was called in - and upon inspection discovered a broken multifunction valve.

Timberjack case study essay

The man happened to have a couple of used multifunction valves in his toolbox which allowed him to solve the problem on the spot. The forwarder was as good as new again. The usual mechanic was called in - and upon inspection discovered a shattered multifunction valve -with the poppet missing and lots of brass scraps, bits and shavings inside the loop.

The complete transmission was dismounted from the machine, and sent over to our shop for repair. When we opened the units, we discovered that the poppet bits had done serious damage to the rotary groups both in the pump and the motor.

The damaged parts were replaced, the pump got new multifunction valves, the units were tested, and then the transmission was re-mounted on the machine.

The working theory at the time was - the "second hand" multifunction valves mounted a month before were "too used". The machine ran well for another thirty odd days, and then one sunny morning - bam! The first thing the usual mechanic checked was, of course, the multifunction valves.

Shattered, again, and apparently this time on the other side, although nobody could tell for sure. Once more the damaged transmission took a trip to Lisbon we're in Lisbon, you know.

This time, since the damage was even more catastrophic than before, it was cheaper for the owner to buy a brand new Sauer Danfoss series 90 pump we had in our stock, plus the motor got overhauled as well, and all the parts used for this and previous overhauls were original Sauer Danfoss parts, by the way.

Timberjack case study essay

The usual mechanic the man with almost twenty years of experience remounted and recommissioned the machine. The machine ran well for two months, and we already started to forget about the unfortunate set of failures when - kaboom! This time I went along with the mechanic to check it out and, as we were already suspecting - one of the multifunction valves had a shattered poppet.

The transmission had to be "re-born" once more, and that time, a specially adapted manifold with two cross-port fast acting relief valves was mounted in the legs of the loop via two one inch hoses.

The block was supposed to cut the pressure spikes, as well as the additional hose segments were supposed to absorb them. The pressures that time were set a little lower than the recommended John Deere's settings - the pressure limiting system of the pump was set to bar above charge pressure, and the fast acting relieves were set to This time, by the way, the standard number one multifunction valves were replaced with number fives the ones with the smaller poppet orifice.

The loop then was tested in the field conditions with fast acting pressure gauges - and no pressure spikes above bar were recorded. The operator tried reverse - it went for five meters or so and stopped again. And then - the usual shattered valve, the usual overhaul, the usual assisted start up - with complete flushing, cleaning and all possible and impossible precautions taken.

As we were trying to figure out what to do with the machine and what more tests to make - the owner called and yes - it was a sunny morning that day! After but a few hours the machine stopped and - you guessed - one of the new multifunction valves was shattered again!

This time we agreed to let mr. John Deere himself do the work, since we could fix and test pumps till the end of the world, but had no means to diagnose and fix the mechanical part of the transmission.

The last working theory was - the gearbox managed to create certain unfavorable conditions, and possibly vibrations or load fluctuations, which were causing resonance effects inside the high pressure part of the pump.

Strange Malfunction of Closed Loop Transmission

The John Deere guys checked the machine, found no apparent faults in the mechanical part of the transmission, and since they had no pumps or motors in stock, they took out a complete closed loop from another used machine they had for sale.

The machine had some hours, and the hydraulic transmission had never caused problems before. Thirty five work hours later the forwarder stopped! This time not the owner, but the John Deere's representative came to our shop with this pump and this motor, once again the units were repaired, and the consecutive commission was performed by the official John Deere workshop with original spares, service proceedings, high quality hydraulic oil and all Three to four months later - another catastrophic failure - with exactly the same pattern!

If I could - I would take this machine to a laboratory and study it to the slightest detail with all sophisticated gear I could get my hands on to find out what exactly was causing the f cking valves to shatter, butTimberJack Case Study Both the Swedish and US team agreed on the issues leading to the business need of a new software package.

The number one issue that pushed the decision to purchase a new software package was the instability of our existing system. Timberjack Parts: Packaged Software Selection Project A Case Analysis Team # 5 –Section Spring Describe the steps taken in the software selection process at Timberjack.

Compare this to a 'traditional' Systems Development Life Cycle. Timberjack follows a series of steps to select and decide its future manufacturing software package/5(1). Custom Timberjack Parts: Packaged Software Selection Project Harvard Business (HBR) Case Study Analysis & Solution for $ Technology & Operations case study assignment help, analysis, solution,& example.

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