Why do i like cristiano ronaldo

Ronaldo has changed though, from when he first started out in the English Premier League with Manchester United. Now, his skills on the soccer ball are deadly and his free kicks feared and everyone wants to play like him. CR7, has Ronaldo is known, is now one of the best soccer players in the world.

Why do i like cristiano ronaldo

Not to mention his perfect body and beautifully chiseled abs. He is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Just one look, and it is hard not to fall in love with such a good looking man. But what if I told you there are so many other reasons to love him even more.

I know, it's hard to believe that such a good looking man could also have so many amazing qualities, but it's true. Cristiano Ronaldo is a full package kind of guy.

Why do i like cristiano ronaldo

If you have fallen in love with him because of his good looks, we don't blame you. But check out these other 15 reasons to love Cristiano Ronaldo even more. He works hard and he plays hard, which is another reason to love this man. He trains hard in the gym and then shows us what he's got on the soccer field.

And not only does he play, he is good! It's always fun to cheer for your favorite good-looking player, but it's even better when they actually know how the play the game and can slay everyone in their way. But there are a whole lot of reasons, as you'll see!

Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, and beyond his good looks, we love him for that. You may not be able to understand him in his interviews when he is speaking a different language, but you definitely still listen anyway.

He could sing you foreign love songs every night and you would never get tired of hearing them.

Why do i like cristiano ronaldo

Even more, he is proud of where he is from and he works hard to make his country proud of him. We love that Cristiano Ronaldo is a foreign man who is proud of where he is from and makes where he is from a part of his identity.

We're totally serious about this.

15 Reasons To Love Cristiano Ronaldo Other Than His Good Looks

And we love Cristiano Ronaldo for blessing us with multiple selfies on his Instagram page. Whether he is being super silly, posing with his son, or giving us yet another look at his beautiful eyes, we think the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo takes selfies for days is pretty good.

This shows a confident man who happy to show his smiling face to the world. He likes who he is and is proud to show that to the world. And we like who he is too, so we will gladly take it. Though taking selfies has been made fun of some, and there is a somewhat negative view around it, Cristiano doesn't care.

He does what he wants, and he when he wants to show us that he is laying out by the pool getting some sun to add more beautiful color to himself or that he is loving all of his fans that come to celebrate with him, we love him for it.

Family is very important to him, and he shows this by the way he celebrates and appreciates the time he does get to have with his family. Because he has to travel a lot to play professional soccer, it is not like he gets to spend time with them every day.

But you do see him traveling with his family when he can and giving them shoutouts and lots of love with heart emojis on his social media and in his interviews. It could be easy for Cristiano to lose sight of everything a family has to offer in light of all the fortune and fame he has, but you see him getting in a lunch date with the whole crew, and it makes us happy.

Thank you, Cristiano Ronaldo, for giving us yet another reason to love you. When a guy understands that friends are what help you get through life and achieve the greatest things, it's a good sign. And it is also a great reason to fall more in love with this great soccer player.

This is just another way we see Cristiano knowing how to balance the different aspects of life. Yes, he focuses on his career and that is very important to him, but he also wants to make sure he is giving the time and energy and thankfulness to those people who make his life even more enjoyable -- aka his friends.

30 Reasons to Love Cristiano Ronaldo Even More

Yes, he is famous for being a professional athlete, but that doesn't make him cocky or act like he is too good for us normal people. In fact, he is very thankful for his fan base because he knows it is their support and encouragement that help keep him going when games get tough. They are loyal to him, and he shows appreciation to that.

On his Instagram page, you can find him taking pictures with his fans and thanking them for their support.

As long as you don't turn into some super creepy stalker fan girl and keep it to a normal obsession, Cristiano is totally cool with that. A man who can show thanks for his fans by including them in the celebration of the game, is definitely a man worth loving.

Cristiano can make any duck face look hot. He doesn't care that the duck face is a typically a female thing, he owns it.I would you like to tell your opinion about why do you like Cristiano Ronaldo now that he was hired to Real Madrid. Do you like by his talents as a soccer. May 02,  · To dribble like Ronaldo, learn some of his moves such as the Step over/scissor.

First, swing your foot around the ball, and then do a body feint at the same time to send the defenders the wrong way. To do the Ronaldo Chop, jump on 1 foot while using the inside of your other foot to head in the opposite direction%(50).

Because he's a great footballer, ranked by most people as the best footballer in the world. He has amazing dribbling speed on the ball, great . In so many ways, Cristiano Ronaldo reminds me of Michael Jordan. He's one of the most remarkable players and individuals we've had in sports, and he's still going.

He's one of the most remarkable players and individuals we've had in sports, and he's still going. A legend, on the pitch and off. is off to a strong start for Cristiano Ronaldo—he's already been awarded best body in all of mankind on the cover of our February Body Issue.

In the past six. Cristiano Ronaldo Fan In Nepal, Bharatpur, Nepal. , likes · 1, talking about this. Cristiano is the very best player in the world~~Viva Cristiano!!!!

May Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player in the world. God bless CR7. Why Do I like Cristiano Ronaldo??

Credit: Adarsha Parajuli All CR7 fans please watch this Video 5/5(9).

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